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Quarantine Stories of Exploitation Part I : Paying


It seems my last post about the Quarantine resonated with with some friends of mine.   My friend Kelly told me what happened to her in these crazy times.  This is her story:    I am a Yoga instructor in my twenties.    I had wanted to be a nurse when I was younger, but nursing school was not easy.  I don't mind hard work, but I wasn't really the best student, I just needed to find something else.  I started working in retail, and moved up to assistant manager, but that was not very fulfilling for me.   So when my own y… Read more

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JULIET Age: 54 Occupation: Theatre Dresser Visits: Innumerable and ongoing Juliet is the Love of my Life - I have to confess that straight away; but I am not being biased when I say she has the most Beautiful Body you're ever seen, and her Vagina is really something to behold in real life - the photos don't do it justice, though they are still Beautiful (as you can see!). Soon after we fell in Love, I confessed to her about my doing as The Doctor, to her credit, she wasn't shocked. I then felt emboldened enough to say I would… Read more

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FOREWORD The internet is a strange world, an unreal place, where fantasy is powerful, and vying for its place in the world alongside reality. Dating is an arena where the two live uneasily side by side. I began my dating site experiences the same as anyone else, filling in details, making dates, meeting strangers online, getting to know them, and like most of us, meeting at least some of them offline, with mixed results. Don’t get me wrong, some of these dates were very nice. But they were rarely as I had ima… Read more

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Whereas Guenter H., Legally identified by passport no. … issued on … by …, Retired business executive, born on …, 1947 in …/Germany and living at … in D-xxxxx L…, Known in the net as slave gunnarsub and registered as Sklavennutte Guenter in The Slave Register under Registration Number 326-878-134, thereafter for purposes of this document, called "SLAVE" has agreed to give up voluntarily all legal, civil, and human rights in order to become the unlimited slave property of the OWNER and whereas MISTRESS XXXXXXXX thereafter called "OWNER" has ac… Read more

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Who’s better ? My wife or me ?

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Who’s better? My wife or me? I was out with my wife on a Friday night, in the days when we were allowed out! The drinks were flowing and we got talking to 2 younger fit guys. We were all getting along well, so when closing time came along, I suggested that they came back to our house so we could continue drinking. Despite being a little d*unk, it hadn’t slipped my attention that my wife was flirting with both guys, touching her hair and leaning into them at every opportunity. I’d also noticed that both guys had been touching her legs and putting their arms around her throughout the night. So I… Read more

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Older man teaches me to masturbate (3)

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I kept going round to Alan's house most weekends all that Summer. Sometimes we would sit together and Alan would watch me as I took my clothes off and wanked over pictures of sexy women in his magazines. He really enjoyed seeing me ejaculate and several times said that I should do it into my hand so that I could swallow my own cum to see how it tasted. The first time I did it, it felt a bit odd although as I'd already swallowed Alan's spunk it wasn't so strange to do. I didn't mind the taste and it was better when it was still warm than waiting and have to swallow it when it was cold! On othe… Read more

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A few years ago, I had an experience with a pro bodybuilder, and I've never told anyone about it -- mostly because I cheated on my partner and because the bodybuilder is married. I admit I'm a muscle fanatic. I wrote him a fan letter when I saw his email address in Muscular Develoment magazine. (You'd know him if you follow bodybuilding, but he wasn't a Mr. Olympia winner. Claimed he was "natural," although after being with him, I doubt it). I laid on more and more compliments the more I wrote to him, and I could tell he appreciated it. Then I asked for autograghed photos. Later a t-shirt. M… Read more

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Destruction of the Casey Family (Part 1)


Friday morning in the Smith house. Sasha and her F*ther are drinking coffee. “D*ddy”, says Sasha, absently flicking ash off her cigarette into a tray. “Yea baby.” “You remember the time we fucked up Timmy big time and Mr Pedderson and the boys bought him. What ever happened to him?” “You wanna see baby?” says Mr Smith reaching for his phone. “He’s been sold on a few times since then. He’s a fucking sissy pig slut now baby.” “Oh, let me see D*ddy!” exclaims Sasha as she moves closer so she can see her F*ther’s phone as he… Read more

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Chapter 33b: ALEX’S NEW EXPERIENCES (Continued) Another moon cycle later and there was still no change. No arrival or warning of ships. I received updates from the dolphins every other day or so. Thorrass would give updates whenever we ventured out into the plains on scouting expeditions. A very interesting development from that day was our arrival into one of the species groups. Alex was now given a lot of attention. After being away from the lagoon for so long, Alex and I had re-established our routine of swimming in the morning and talking on the rocks. It was while in that morning… Read more

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Chapter 33a: ALEX’S NEW EXPERIENCES Six months after the training of the Western Team, life on the island continued suspiciously calm. Of course when I say six months it is something of my guess. I have known that the cycles of days, nights, months, moon orbit and orbit around the sun was different. I never thought to get a precise conversion from the Predators because, frankly, how does it matter? Life follows the cycles of the environment and is not predicated by some artificial timetable. But I established an artificial timetable on Alex for when I would declare her a woman. Totally… Read more

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A brief history of my BBC obsession

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I'm a cumdumpster for black cock. That's not even a slutty thing I'm trying to say, it's just blatant fact right now. Let me show you. Precursor, I took 7 years to graduate college because I pretty regularly chose getting dicked down over studying and failed some classes. December 2009- Suck and fuck my first black cocks. I'd been getting gangbanged by my friends and well hung math teacher for the past 4 years but I finally take the step into the world of big black cocks. Early 2010- Keep fucking black cocks on the weekend and buy some large dildos to train with during the week. June 2010- Gra… Read more

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12 Old Man Gangbang

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story from dylanmurphy [06/09/2014 8:37 pm] I had promised to give you a surprise, and for a week you had tried to get me to talk about what we would do, and you were not less curious when I asked you to don a white translucent blouse with no bra and a short leather skirt with a sexy pair of black panties and a pair of high-heeled black shoes. I came to pick you up and you looked so wonderfully sexy and I walked up to you and kissed you and whispered in your ear "are you horny tonight," you know I'm always horny, you answered, we got in the car and was silent throughout the journey to an ind… Read more

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Cleanliness is next to godliness


A message from the Author Please note these events are all true to the best of my knowledge. Only the Names, places and years have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty. It is the year 1923 in Scotland that this story begins. Stella Brown was sat in the Mother Superiors office at St Augustine Catholic school for Girls. And she was in Big trouble! Stella new that she was going to be punished severely, which of course meant that she was going to be caned. She sat thinking back on all the events that had led to her being here! ************************ May 1922 Stella Brown had… Read more

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Winning takes a lot of sacrifices (extended)

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When I turned 18 I left home. I went to study to a big University in a big city 300 miles away from my hometown. Until then the only sexual pleasure I had was masturbating secretly in my room with the constant fear of getting caught. From the age of 12 I knew I was different. I liked girls I fell in love with one but when I masturbated I had various fantasies. I always loved women feet and shoes. I thought ok it's a fetish everyone has them. One day, on my way home, for the first time, a strange guy caught my eye. He was not much of a guy. Loser. Usually drunk not even good looking, skinny,… Read more

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NIKHILA Tryst with Adventures====1


He had been neglecting her all this time; probably out making love to other women every night. All those nights he had refused her. She felt hysteria rising in her at the ludicrous position she was in. She didn't care about the damned promotion... all she cared about... all she could think about was the image of Ratan making love with another woman, probably hundreds of other women... and she, playing the foolish little housewife. She was a… Read more

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NIKHILA Tryst with Adventures====1


The itch began near the back of her anus and wielded its way right on up and over her erected clitoris, and that certain itch that comes only to women in desperate need. Shanti was more than familiar with the lovely yet agonizing feeling. It was time yes... Shanti knew it was that time. She closed her eyes, not wanting to... but the demand was there, spinning in her brain, warming her body. She squirmed in her lonely bed and tried to resist the lusty thoughts that seemed to actually whisper about the room. Shanti turned ove… Read more

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Indian Wife Gets Caught in Rain

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The rain came down suddenly, entirely unexpected catching Anita and Kavita totally unawares. Both the young wives had walked down to the nearby shopping mall to pick up some essentials for the household. Incidentally this was the same mall where Amit had deliberately let others have a good view of Anita while she was in the dressing room. There was a loud thunder and p… Read more

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My first black cock spitroast

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So this is a continuation to the last story I posted when I sucked my first black cock at the gay club. The bouncer I'd sucked had to go home but introduced me to 2 of his friends who could help me with my desire to get fucked. We decided to take one car to one of the guy's apartments and then he'd drive us back later so we could all get our cars. As we were walking out, I was so nervous but also beyond excited. Not only had I just sucked my first big black cock REALLY well, I was about to get double fucked by 2 MORE black cocks, all in one night. I walked to the back seat door behind the dri… Read more

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peeping tom pt 2

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i wake to my phone ringing and look at the clock its 4am who could be calling me at this time of the day 'hello' i say answering my phone 'time to get up come over to the window you better be nude' the black guy from next door says i get up and walk to the window as i always sleep in the nude i don't have to take anything off i look out the window and see the black guy fully clothed staning watching me from next door 'take hold of you cock get it hard then ask me nicely if you can have a wank' he says on the phone i take hold of my cock and start stroking it its not long before its hard 'plea… Read more

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More Fun With Step Sister (Part 2)

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Ariel slipped into the bed next to me, wearing only panties and her sleeping cami. She was not too self-conscious about her body. even so it was unusual for her to wear only panties on the bottom. I tried not to stare while she was brushing her hair in the mirror by the bed. But, her butt is really cute and her light pink with white stripes panties only enhanced her shape. I was trying not to think about how horny the idea of her letting me finger her last night made me. Even though it felt wrong, it was really sweet and she seemed to really like it. All day, my mind had been swirling with que… Read more

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