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My sexy crossdressing affair xx

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When I was in my early forties I started an elicit affair with a divorced woman called Sandra. We both worked for the same company and just after our affair started the company was taken over by a company based in Leeds and we were relocated there. Several of the staff were needed to get the manufacturing process up and running including Sandra and myself. We would travel by car to Leeds on a Monday and return on a Friday.   Sandra was a very attractive woman in her late forties with a great figure and an insatiable lust for sex. She just oozed sex. Very soon in our relationship she disco… Read more

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Hooker bang


Bumfelt opened the door to his car and climbed in. He took the keys from a trouser pocket, turned the ignition and......the passenger door, suddenly opened. Bumfelt's hand went for his holster and the Colt. "Whoooah! Jesus, Theo!" exclaimed the hooker as she leant into the car. "It's me, Nikki. Fucking hell, I thought you was gonna shoot me." "I was," hissed Bumfelt. "Get in." Sexx climbed in. "Drive," she said. Bumfelt did. He put the car into drive and pulled away from the kerbside. "Where?" he asked. "Anywhere but there," Sexx said, glancing over her shoulder at the bar that rapidly rec… Read more

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Owning my Indian in-laws (Ch-2)


Disclaimer:-This is a piece of fiction. None of the events mentioned in the story are real and all the characters are adult. You are not authorised to use my work and publish it elsewhere without my permission. If you like the story leave a comment Read first part at -https://xhamster.com/stories/owning-my-indian-in-laws-chapter-1-10036555 Arti came out wearing a pink t-shirt and black lower. It wasn't at all flashy she just wants her comfort while she do her jogging. “Aren't you supposed to be checking accounts or reading contracts.” Arti asked jokingly as she have only seen him doing pape… Read more

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Spicing up our Sex Life to the Extreme.

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Tags : Anal, Voyeurism, MFF, MMF, Threesome, Lesbian, Hardcore, Cream-pie, Stag vixen, Hot-girlfriend, Sharing, Cuckold, lactation, double penetration, Swingers, Ass to mouth, Butt-plug Note - There could be changes to the story line as this story isn't complete. We have been together for five years and we know we love each other a lot but there was something missing in physicality. My girl has firm and round tits with perfect pink nipples and by god they are amazing. One would just love to suck the hell out of them. She has got the perfect figure that would make any man go crazy for her.… Read more

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My visit to Taboo

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My last outing for cock was back in February when I visited the Taboo cinema in Birmingham, I had heard many good reports about the place and it had been on my to do list for years! I told wifey I was meeting up with some old mates and not to expect me back until the evening, she has no idea about my secret sex life and I find this an incredible turn on! she has always been a prude and never really enjoyed sex, but being a dirty perv wanker and cock addict it’s a perfect situation for me as I have more energy for my pursuit of cock, I was feeling very naughty and horny all the way up on the t… Read more

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between the korns

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I still had flashes of him from years ago, only wanting to have friends, being chubby and nerd i endup as his personal cocksucker i remember how easy he got it happening walking me in the korn field near his place , riding on our bike to ''show me a nice spot'' i never had smoke weed , we got to that spot where there was a clear spot of korn , we smoke, my school friend getting in his boxer suddenly i can still remember how he sat his boxer feformed by his huge black cock ''did you know i had a big cock?'' ''no ....it ....it looks huge'' ''i , i want .... i want...to stroke my big cock a… Read more

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Caught in the act by the boss

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CHAPTER 1 Curiosity got the better of Chloe. She knew she shouldn’t look but it was hardly her fault the laptop was left open. After all, Clark and Lana Tate employed her to come in twice weekly to clean their swanky 6 bed pad overlooking the River Thames. They should be more careful. Chloe was paid to clean and tidy up after the them, having access all areas. Well, mostly. The successful business owners clearly too busy to do their own housework. Or maybe just too rich to put themselves through such menial labours. With their money, why would they? He the breadwinner, she with a small busine… Read more

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Make -up


"Boring". this had become the definition of our loving marriage. During the start of the marriage we used to be everywhere.... the bathroom,the couch, the sofa,the bed,the kitchen,in the car,in the pool..we just couldn't get enough of each other.it was wild,uncharted,primal love-making and the sex was just off tha face of earth.we were very young at the time of the wedding, 21 to be exact,we were wild and believed our love could make up for everything.now that we were 30,without c***dren and my husband running one of the most important company off the forbes magazine,we just did not have… Read more

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Nephews and Wife 2


With Kevin sleeping on couch and Ray asleep in guest bed, Alexis stripped off her gown and she and I fucked again then fell asleep with my arm around her cupping a tit and my dick against her ass. I guess it was around 5 am when I woke up and had to piss, Alexis was still facing towards door but I noticed her head moving then saw a hand on the back of her head, looking up Ray was standing beside the bed and had his dick in her mouth and she was blowing him again. I slid my hand back to her tits and tweeked her nipples then slid hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit as she sucked Ray. I le… Read more

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Lucky Tweet #3: Liv For The Holidays


On a cool September night, I was working my overnight security guard shift when I decided to open Twitter during my break. After scrolling for ten minutes or so, I came across a contest by the WWE to have lucky fans spend time with their favorite Superstars, I clicked on the link and looked through which one I should pick, since I already had Bayley, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, I decided to try my luck with Liv Morgan, I clicked on her profile then I had to write a letter on why I should be chosen. I wrote the following: I believe I should win because I am a busy person come the holiday ti… Read more

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CHAPTER I THE PASSION OF STEEL It is morning 9: am, a beautiful woman arrives at Steele's studio, Steele is a young blonde short hair 24-year-old photographer. She wears a tiny blue short and a white Tshirt. "Hi, I came by the notice that you needed a model to ..." "Sure, come in, “interrupts Steele,” get comfortable, sorry, this place is a little messy." “It is ok, do not worry,” answers the woman. The girl looks around as walks slowly. She is struck by seeing only photos of beautiful naked women. “I like your place, your name is Steele, right?” “That is me,” Steele rises her hand, smiling.… Read more

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Horny gay slut loves sucking my cock

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I was so horny when i arrived at his place. I had just fucked my gf the day before but i wasn't very satisfied and I had to do more. That was why I was here. I had a gay slut that i would meet up with from time to time, just to have some fun. He loved sucking cock and never disappointed whenever we met. I got into his house as he left his door unlocked. I went ahead and walked into his room, hoping to find him, but he was in the bathroom so i went ahead and made myself comfortable. I took off my pants and started to stroke myself. I was just too horny to wait. Thinking about him, his sweet lip… Read more

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Fantasy sissy gangbang blowjob


Setting: late at night in a free car park. Exit vehicle, looks around. Ghost is clear. Re-enter vehicle and put on the sissy clothes I got from wish. Leaves behind all belongings. Lights off. Exit vehicle. Puts keys in a safe location where nobody but I will know. Makes way to pre-planned date with a guy I met from a dating site.. destination is close by.. Walking in heels, dressed like a slut. Hopefully nobody will approach. Heart racing and feeling nervous. First time jitters. Finally found the place I was looking for.. Its dark but its one of these building numbers. Managed to find the… Read more

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Fantasy, gangbang blowjob deepthroat abuse sissy

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Setting: late at night in a free car park. Exit vehicle, looks around. Ghost is clear. Re-enter vehicle and put on the sissy clothes I got from wish. Leaves behind all belongings. Lights off. Exit vehicle. Puts keys in a safe location where nobody but I will know. Makes way to pre-planned date with a guy I met from a dating site.. destination is close by.. Walking in heels, dressed like a slut. Hopefully nobody will approach. Heart racing and feeling nervous. First time jitters. Finally found the place I was looking for.. Its dark but its one of these building numbers. Managed to find the… Read more

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The following is a translation of the JAV embedded above. I try to capture as many details as possible in a format that that follows the porn without the need for subtitles. Please enjoy. The format of my translations changed a bit back in August. Rather than just translating the conversation, I'm starting to translate the AV while also adding detail about the scene that I see. Most of this can be understood by watching, but consider it practice for the creative writing process. Some of it should be apparent without translation… Read more

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Blog - Thoughts on Sex With Married Couples

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I have been receiving a lot of feedback on some of my stories. A few of them are comments, either with the story, or on my profile, and a substantial number are direct messages. Comments can be exciting in and of themselves, because they provide an opportunity for the commentator to say things publicly that turn them on. I frequently do it myself, leaving leaving prose like "would love to see you unload that into me", and various other inspired phrases that turn me on. By contrast, the messages I receive are often more thoughtful, and some readers have strongly identified with certain storie… Read more

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Mature German Milf Hooks up with younger black man

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She was German in her mid 40’s I think, I didn’t ask or care that much, I was around 25 black from the uk. We met in London at her house, all meet up sex sessions were at her house. Met her on plenty fish, great catch lol. We first met at her house day time. She was wearing net fish tights mini skirt a top and high heels. She met me 2 mins from her house. I had to travel a hour to meet her. When I first walked up to her I thought she had an attractive face that I liked. I prefer women with abit of meat athletic but she was very slim but still had a nice shape. She walked very lightly and smile… Read more

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Teenage Adventures - Chapter 3

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Over the next few weeks, Maria visited almost daily, and her appetite for sex seemed to increase as her pregnancy matured. Timothy did his best to satisfy both Ms. Alsover and Maria, and had on some days been able to achieve up to nine orgasms. Obviously, the boy was healthy, Ms. Alsover thought to herself, but she also noticed that as the days wore on, the boy's youthful fountains of semen turned into a few hard-won droplets. Ms. Alsover feared that between herself and Maria, perhaps they were straining the boy's libido. After careful consideration, she decided to invite Mr. Oliver for dinne… Read more

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Teenage Adventures - Chapter 2

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"Buen Dia!", greeted Maria loudly, as she entered the front door. Maria Hernandez had been Ms. Alsover's housekeeper for the last five years. Twenty-four years old, she was single mother of a nine year old son, and seven months pregnant with its sibling. Always cheerful with a ready smile, she took a moment to wriggle her big belly out of her coat and hung it next to the door. Then the walked up to Ms. Alsover and gave her an affectionate hug. "How are you doing Gladys?", she asked. "You are looking great! Did you finally let Mr. Oliver take you out for dinner?", she joked. Mr. Oliver took p… Read more

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Teenage Adventures - Chapter 1

First TimeMature

Timothy reached over and rung the doorbell again. He'd been standing in front of Ms. Alsover's front door for almost five minutes now, and just decided not to wait any longer when he heard a faint call from within the house. It sounded like Ms. Alsover, but he was unable to make out any words, so he leaned his head down, opened the letterbox and called: "Ms. Alsover?" Now he could hear her voice clearly. It sounded weak but urgent. "Please come around the back, Timothy". Quickly, he walked to the side of the house, opened the door in the cedar fence and stepped into Ms. Alsover's back yard.… Read more

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