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The Love Of Mistique

First TimeHardcore

Disclaimer: This story is of a sexual nature, so anyone who is not 18+, or who are not allowed to read such stories, please do not read this. This is a work of fiction and based solely off of an inspiration to write this. I was an agent of the Dark Side. Me, code named Dark Viper, as that was my code name through my life. I never knew my real name, or if I had family or not. I was trained to be a special covert ops agent through the Dark Council's covert op Special Forces. Pretty much anything that Covert Ops can do, I've done it. Everything from assassinations, to undercover work, and in bet… Read more

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The First Trucker

First TimeHardcoreMature

The very first time I ever chatted on the CB to a trucker was when we were visiting family in Missouri. Bethany Missouri to be exact. My husband wanted to go out for some drinks and play together and I readily agreed. We had been visiting my mom and family all day and needed a break. I brought my peach dress and sexy underthings that really set Mike off when he saw me in it. Well, we went to a bar and it was full of mostly redneck dirty farmers and drunks. Nothing much that interested me and the couple ladies there didn't appreciate being outclassed. All the men checked me out as we passed th… Read more

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Mother-in-law helps out


Mother-in-Law helps out. I got married way too young. I met my first wife in my first year at Uni and by the time we left, both 21, we had moved in together and decided to make things official. Wanting to avoid family pressure to put on a big do, we went from proposal to register office in just a couple of months. We were giddy with excitement about the long future we would have together. Sarah was short, slim, small-chested, with short dark hair and although conservative in what she would do in bed (rarely gave oral, preferred missionary), she enjoyed sex. I loved her tomboy looks. We were bo… Read more

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Owned part 3

Shemale PornGay Male

True to His word, my Daddy helped me become His perfect trophy bitchwife. I am now 5ft10, 160lbs, with long brown hair, completely smooth from neck down, gorgeous DD breasts, curvy hips, bubble butt and manicured nails and toes. My piercings include silver bars in my nipples, a little heart that dangles on tiny chain in my belly, a couple rings in my ears, a silver stud on my tongue and a little bell on a short chain attached to the PA on my forever limp clitty. Master loves to hear that little bell ringing as it usually means I am doing what I was trained to do; please a real Male and make $$… Read more

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A new encounter with Jamal

AnalVoyeurInterracial Sex

Jamal was now my last and brand new black stud; but he had become also my new Black Master… He was young, very well hung and he was always ready to own me. He had arranged a meeting at a filthy motel in the middle of the highway. He told me he was on his way to the airport that same night, since he would catch a flight to a far city from us. Jamal talked also with my loving husband, saying that Victor could be present in the motel room as he fucked me. Victor drove me to the motel and we arrived a bit early. Hubby sat down on chair at a corner and I stood on my stilettos close to the filthy b… Read more

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Picking up a stranger for a threesome...

AnalVoyeurGroup Sex

Anita told me that night she wanted to fulfill her fantasy about picking up a stranger at a bar for a threesome. Or it could be even me just watching her with another guy. Once there, we got some drinks and sat down at a corner table. For the second round, the waiter was taking too long; so Ana was a bit impatient and she went to the bar to get more drinks. After a while she returned with new drinks and told me she had met a guy there at the bar. She had been talking with him. Anita then brought him over and we had a few more drinks. He introduced himself as Phil and he soon felt really comf… Read more

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My sweet Rufus and a shy neighbor


I saw my sensual neighbor Sandy’s car was parked at her driveway; so I crossed the street to talk with her. I was dressed in gym workout clothes; a sport tiny bra and tight yoga pants. Sexy Sandy opened the door. She smiled and invited me in, but I could see she looked to be a little embarrassed. She offered me some ice tea and we sat at her kitchen to talk. I told Sandy how much I had enjoyed watching her being fucked by my beloved hubby. The girl then started to feel more relaxed… I told her she was very lucky to have a great dog like her male Lab. Sandy smiled, looked even more relaxed,… Read more

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Blacked very hard in the subway...

MatureInterracial Sex

I felt his hard dick pressed tight against my butt and it felt huge… I could not budge and inch as the subway car was filled beyond capacity and as it bumped and swayed along, I felt my short skirt riding up on my buttocks. That hard cock was nestled between my butt cheeks, rubbing up and down. I began to fantasize about what it would feel like in my pussy or even in my asshole… I was getting myself horny and the bastard smelled great too… I knew he was a black man, a very huge one… Then, my skirt was pulled up slowly until it barely covered my cheeks. I soon felt his hard cock he had taken… Read more

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Watching outside the bathroom window...


I had a very nice warm relaxing shower. And I stood there in the bathroom, toweling myself. I could feel the air conditioner blowing a cold breeze straight between my legs. My swollen clit tingled with excitement. I had just gotten back from a business trip and was agonizingly horny. But my beloved hubby was not at home to help me… During the flight back, I had sat on the plane with my legs crossed tightly, since I was feeling wet down there. But I finally had gone to the bathroom and pulled my damp thong off, stuffing it in my purse. When I got back to the middle seat, I began slowly squee… Read more

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the visitor part two


I was in for a big surprise when I got up the next morning, it was round about nine and I could hear voices. I sat for quite a while on the bottom stair listening to the conversation. Frank was talking about how her father had treated her, going on by telling her how he expected her to behave and learn to obey instructions, she had to realise that any disobedience would not be tolerated. This was my Frank, yes my Frank, in forty years I have never heard him like this. He carried on telling her how he had trained me, I smiled at this, as he continued telling her some of the more bizarre things… Read more

Posted by ambersout 11 hours ago 523 100%

Wife Trains Me Bi PT2


It had been seven days since I had invited Danny to the house and had been initiated into the world of bisexual sex (see 'Wife Trains Me Bi'). Kat had returned home two days after his visit and since then she had become insatiable. Previously she had loved ass play, but now she seemed obsessed with it. I rarely got to actually fuck her, it was as if our roles had been reversed and it was now me that found myself getting called upstairs, to find Kat waiting for me, her strap-on protruding from between her legs, after which moments later I would inevitably be getting my ass fucked either in dogg… Read more

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Wife Trains Me Bi

FetishFirst TimeAnal

Up until about 2 years ago I had never entertained the thought of being with another man; but after my wife, Kat, and I had joined a swingers website and had a few experiences with other couples I found myself watching her sucking on and riding another guy's cock and wishing I could do the same. I had told Kat about these fantasies and she had loved them, partly because it gave her reason to use her strap-on with me on the basis that she was 'preparing' me for the real thing. Over the following weeks Kat practically ignored my cock when we had sex, instead she used her tongue, fingers, butt p… Read more

Posted by 425olds 11 hours ago 822 90%

Sex School


A month had passed since holidays, and everyone was back hard at work, business was booming, the latest instalment of their videos going viral on porn sites with worldwide sales rocketing. Well said Kay, Anna is here tomorrow, the lads are coming over tonight to run through the outlines, think we should film Andy with Anna first, her outfit arrived yesterday, have to say it looks good, wouldn’t mind a go at her myself. Me too said Sam. Is Patsy doing filming? The guys arrived around seven and they got down to planning. Ok said Sam, the morning session, Anna has come up with a nice idea, should… Read more

Posted by Billycant 12 hours ago 604 100%

Law Enforcement


I'm a cop. I have a lonely job working a desolate stretch of Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It can get very hot here; and despite the air conditioning in my cruiser, I can feel the heat off my windshield. So I try to pull the night shift when it is cooler Mostly I stop speeders and once in a while I get calls from Barstow, but that is rare. I was just starting my shift one evening, pulling in behind some cover just off the road. I took out my personal phone and started surfing Xhamster to see if any hotties had been posted. I love hotties! Especially other men's wives. Someh… Read more

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On the Beach and Anna


On the beach Kay and Sam showered and sun lotioned up, Sam wearing a black revealing bikini that barely covered her tits or fanny, with a fine chiffon wrap that covered but showed off her body and Kay in stunning a stunning white bikini that showed off her sexy tanned body, completed with a loose fitting kaftan. Ready for sex said Kay, ready replied Sam. Do you think you could fuck Andy this morning, did you here last night, only woman apart from me that he’s had sex with was his wife. He’s a lovely man, think it would help him if you fucked him. As long as he doesn’t come in my mouth giggled… Read more

Posted by Billycant 12 hours ago 340 100%

Hannah, my first sugar baby

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

Friends will see a gallery and some videos of my first true “sugar baby”: the young, not-so-innocent Hannah. (There’s also a short clip for non-friends to view.) Hannah and I met online through a certain website and hit it off through texting for a few weeks before deciding to meet. This is the story of that first meeting, where Hannah did everything she could to earn her title of sugarbaby. At the time, Hannah was 21 and a junior in college. She is high maintenance for sure, but also a submissive slut behind closed doors. Her biggest turn-on was telling me how she was going to do things my w… Read more

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Keeping it in family 2

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

In my first story was about Lisa my wife and daughter Dawn. Well this goes back before my time with my wife. When I was a junior at University of Georgia I came on from. School and after so long from not hearing from Lisa I thought I go by her house see if she there or how she been. So Saturday about 2 in the afternoon I pulled up her drive way walked up on porch and rang the doorbell. Lisa mom answered the door yet I didn't recognize her at all. While she was opening the door she yelled over her shoulder saying thanks asshole you could get off your ass got the door. She then looked at me and… Read more

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Me and the substitute special night

FetishHumorInterracial Sex

This past year I scored a decent gig as a school security guard, my fiance hooked it up, she teaches 3rd grade. Shes a sweet heart, good c***dhood, religous, our sex life is average though I wish to do role play but shes doesnt believe in it and I'm ok with it. The school is pretty cool, good neighborhood, k**s love there technology, teachers are basic, Sally was the only stand out, she was the substitute teacher and even directors all plays for the school for hoildays. Shes 6ft tall very bubbly, loves anything from Disney, dancing and 80s and 90s music. I thinks she cool, she usually brings m… Read more

Posted by turbo77 13 hours ago 534

Beth puts on a show. (Part 3)


Simon joins the crowd.... It's a cold night as I make my way around back. Footfalls echoing across black asphalt of the truck park. Last couple times I've been round here it's been in the car so this feels strange, exposed. As I walk towards a row of trucks I can see a few guys gathered round one of them, a big blue American style truck. They are stood talking, smoking, admiring this guy's big rig. My plan is quite simple. I'm to approach them and ask directions, make out I've been directed here by the bar staff who could'nt help me. Timing has to be just right as robin and beth get it on i… Read more

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Kimmy – Trainee Masseuse


When Kimmy told me she was training at massage I let slip that I hadn’t had a massage in a very long time but I wanted to investigate it further, “Dad and Kenny (her younger brother) both say I am getting good at it sir” she said trying to sell her service, “How often do you do that to them Kim?” I asked trying to get a handle on the situation, “Usually once a week sir, sometimes more with Kenny as he plays football at school sir” she said and I was guessing she had developed quite a skill for it and I knew she had a nice soft touch. “If you’re not busy sir I could do one for you now sir” she… Read more

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